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SharpGitStat Fatching GitHubAPI status in easiest way. Powered by C# and JSON.NET

SharpGitStat is easiest way to get status and human messages from githubAPI status

All you had to do is create an object GitHubStatus status = new GitHubStatus();

and fetch a data via indexer: Console.Writeline(status[GitHub.STATUS]);

ConfKr Opening and editing config files in simplest way. Powered by C#

ConfKr is simple config file parser. It works on layout:

delimiter (=)
!-- Comment
Key (=) value
Key (=) value

Where (=) is your desired delimiter, which you must set on top of the file.
This is a comment syntax: (there is no multi line comments) !-- COMMENT HERE

To get values use indexer string value = config[string key]
or Get method string value = config.Get(string value)

lColors - C++ Console Colors library

lColors is my first C++ attempt. I've written this library as my "Hello World" to C++.

Time ago a introduced it to my github and do small changes. Feel free to fork.

Go to repo

Game Engine - C++ 2D engine

It's a 2D "game engine", but I didn't created any game with it. It uses a OpenGL and SDL, also irrKlang as sound engine

In free time. I'll compile it and push to github. For now its somewhere in my computer

Go to repo

Resurrection Remix 6.0 6.0.1 | 2016/11/07


- Camera freezing
- Youtube in browser dont work
- Mass Storage sometimes crashes - Magnetic Sensor
- IRDa Port


FlymeOS 6.0.1 | 2017/06/09


- Shitty view in camera, but photos looks good
- Flickering wallpaper during locking
- Mass Storage sometimes crashes
- Shitty front camera
- Magnetic Sensor
- IRDa Port


Android Ice Cold Project 5.1.1 | 2016/08/25

BlissPop 5.1.1 | 2016/09/20

Ressurection Remix 5.1 5.1.1 | 2016/08/04